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Bone Conduction Headphones Earring Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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Bone Conduction Headphones are an innovative type of headphones that use bone conduction technology to transmit sound waves through the bones in your ears, rather than through your ear canal. This allows you to listen to music or take calls without blocking out ambient noise, making them ideal for activities like running, cycling, or working outside.

These headphones are designed with unique transducers that sit on the temples of the user and conduct sound waves through the skull and directly to the inner ear. They deliver sound to the ear while leaving the ear canal open, allowing you to hear the sounds around you without interruption. This means you can still hear traffic while running or other important sounds while doing activities that require situational awareness.

These headphones are also water-resistant, making them suitable for sports or activities where you may sweat or get caught in the rain. They come with various sizes of ear hooks to make sure they stay securely in place, and many models come with additional features such as volume control, answering calls or pairing with devices via Bluetooth.

These headphones are perfect for people who are looking for a way to listen to music or take calls while remaining aware of their surroundings. They are ideal for runners, cyclists, hikers, or anyone who wants to stay safe and connected during outdoor activities.

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Bone Conduction HeadphonesBone Conduction HeadphonesBone Conduction Headphones

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  1. J***r

    The only manual is Chinese and English. Let’s blow it up for our Koreans again ^ ^ Help you ~ Translated by Translator and posted a photo The performance is good. You can hear a little noise in a quiet place, but maybe it will be small.-No. First of all, it is separated from the charging case when you receive it in the box. River fire alternating to sparkle Then look at finding or searching for a peripheral device on your mobile phone Bluetooth Q80 moxibustion. Click that and finish it. Just hang it in your ear. The sound is controlled by cell phone The important thing is when you talk. I can’t tap and press it. When talking, it looks like a power button, not a power button (under the light glitter) If you round it twice, get a call. If you tap twice, the call will be persistent. It’s a place called MFB On both sides (side L, side R) If you wear it, you go six hours. If you just listen to one song, you’ll go 12 hours. So there are 2 pages, only one (L or R) One side is discharged, and the other is charged. Then it seems to be possible for more than 12 hours ♡The photo is posted to the manual page. It’s 6 pages, but I only have 5 photos, so I’ll put the first one I don’t need. It’s better than I thought. It’s not tight when you wear it on your ear. Woolfish is a toy.


  2. P***n

    these are the best for any type of sport, the best


  3. M***n

    These earbuds work pretty good. Decent sound. I like that they dont block out ambient sounds. A good buy!!!


  4. J***o

    Received the set, its already charged as you can see. Connects seamlessly with phone. Earpiece sit tight on the ear. Safe for activity.


  5. G***r

    It’s beyond expectations. Good for the price Faster delivery I can hear the call.


  6. Customer

    Too satisfied This is good. I look cool. The sound is fine. Charging is a little slow.


  7. L***o

    fast shipping, item new, more than I expected


  8. M***m

    Come very good. I just want the volume to be a little louder. Delivery is also fast. iPhone pairing only works OK


  9. A***r

    They’re great. Trick is to start at the thinner part of your ear and slide it on. Best part is they won’t slip out or off! sound is good. At low volume it’s like having background music. Perfect for long wear without irritation to the ear hole like ear buds cause me. Great store. Fast delivery


  10. Customer

    Excellent headphones, quality/price outstanding, pity for the language in…. There is only English and Chinese.


  11. W***h

    they look great.very professional packaging hope they work great


  12. 케***E

    thx for fast delivery. volume was not bad. not hurt my ears.


  13. S***G

    We didn’t have five days to ship in seven days. The sound quality is not enough to listen to. The case is big and a bit clunksome, but it’s worth the price.


  14. A***r

    It was a regret that there was no explanation in Korean, but it is better than I thought, and it is in everyday life, I like it because it’s not off even when I play lightly. But if the disadvantage is that the volume is a little big or the surrounding is quiet, the sound of the earphone can be heard by others. ^ ^;


  15. S***e

    Fast delivery! Comforting to wear! It’s so good if you don’t want to block outside sound. It’s so nice to write during work.


  16. G***r

    It is a very good quality product. There is no difference in the sound quality of expensive products, and the fit is very good. Thank you to the store who sells good products at low prices. Will buy again. The Bluetooth connection distance is also very long, so you can connect anywhere. Buy all Koreans.


  17. M***r

    very good sound quality. comfortable to wear and I can hear cars coming when I’m out running. my new favorite headphones!


  18. R***l

    It sounds quite well, and they are comfortable to wear, they do not bother when you have them on


  19. 억***0

    Good shipping.


  20. K***r

    The sound quality is fine, and the sound is slightly smaller when you call.


  21. R***a

    Sound is good. I love that they don’t fall out like my previous pods. So pleased I ordered them.


  22. C***a

    Good product, you listen well and don’t bother in your ears. Recommended shop.


  23. A***r

    Very good , clear voice and comfertable . Recomended . Fast shipping


  24. A***r

    They’re great. Trick is to start at the thinner part of your ear and slide it on. Best part is they won’t slip out or off! sound is good. At low volume it’s like having background music. Perfect for long wear without irritation to the ear hole like ear buds cause me. Great store. Fast delivery.


  25. Customer

    Delivery takes 7 days It looks like a picture. Design. The sound. I am satisfied with the price


  26. M***R

    I used a discount coupon and bought it for $10.98. The 5-day delivery was not believed, but it was real in 5 days; Even those 5 days included a weekend;; I ordered on 12/22 and 12/27 Reles arrived;; I was surprised. What is the world these days… Once again, the knee… You know it’s not even a bone battle, right? It’s just an earcuff with a small speaker. I used a small similar product before, it’s small and pretty, but it’s loose, so it’s constantly falling out of your ears, and the use time is too short (3 hours?) I bought it because it’s going to be over five hours. Similar design (a what to do) I sold a lot, but I bought this because the outer material turns sticky later, fortunately, this is a regular plastic texture ~ It’s bigger than I thought, but it’s stuck in my ear. Don’t expect the sound quality. Those who have good sound quality are just going to return ….. ㅠ ㅠ I knew music was not the purpose, so I bought it. I only hear lectures, radio, but I can hear people’s voices. I don’t want 6 hours of use, I hope I go for 5 hours. Like other late stages, the charging port location is on the back side…. It’s 13 ~ 14000 won, but I have nothing to hope for.


  27. R***r

    Item was just as it was described


  28. Customer

    It’s better than you think.


  29. N***r

    White not blue.


  30. Customer

    It’s very fast to ship. I like it. I am satisfied with the quality at the right price and the material is cheap? I think we should be careful not to drop it.


  31. Customer

    You have to get used to the best quality earballs.


  32. V***n

    Do they just received, immediately tested and they work very well. They also stay beautiful on mn ear sit and do not fall off. Am quite happy with it


  33. G***w

    Better than you think. I don’t think it’s a bone, but I can hear the outside. The sound quality is better than you think When you ride a bicycle I thought it was strange because it was open. That’s very good.


  34. G***g

    I am really satisfied with the sound quality is good enough


  35. T***c

    I’m extremely satisfied with shipping packaging and item.


  36. 광***서

    The case is poor, but the earphone performance seems to be decent. I haven’t heard the call yet, so I don’t know the sound quality of the call, and it seems that you can hear it when you wear both places with noise around them. But it’s nice not to stop the ear hole.


  37. K***k

    The sound quality is reasonable for the price. I came sooner than I thought.